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Fishhawk Youth Baseball was established in 2008 under Cal Ripken/ Babe Ruth organization. Our goal is to produce a safe environment for the communities youth to learn and compete in the game of baseball. We offer a three tier approach to the game:

Recreational Baseball - provides a sports outlet for players wishing to learn about the game of baseball, meet new friends and have fun in a less competitive setting

Advanced Baseball (AB) - provides an additional opportunity for those who wish to receive focused instruction, while competing against top level competition within the area’s AB Program.

Competitive Baseball (Travel) - provides a focus on allowing our players an option to play at a higher level but also remain within the FYB baseball community. 

The main goal is to keep more of our Fishhawk players in our park so they can continue to grow on and off the field.

Our partnership with Newsome High School is taking shape and has brought even more knowledge of the game to the community.